I wanted to give you a glimpse into Racheal’s Rest’s week-long recovery retreats. The information provided below is “just a taste” of what we do at Racheal’s Rest’s restorative retreats. If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of sexual abuse, sex trafficking and/or domestic violence issues, contact us today to get more information about Racheal’s Rest programs to begin your journey to emotional health.

Recreational Therapy

Our recreational time is usually spent off the property. But we also have a hot tub and lots of room on the 4.9 acres to roam the property. There are opportunities to go horseback riding, tubing, zip lining, hiking or other adventurous activities as well as less strenuous ones. We may ride the Blue Ridge scenic railway train, walk across the Swinging Bridge over the Toccoa River, go panning for gold, shop the antique stores in Blue Ridge or Ellijay, or explore the lake at Vogel State Park in peddle boats to name a few.

The purpose of recreational time is two-fold. First, it gives us a mental break from the class material. Secondly, it is another form of therapy. For some, it is work to force themselves to relax or enjoy downtime without feeling guilty for “playing” or taking time for themselves instead of doing something for others.

All our activities are designed as a win-win situation. Attendees can choose to face their fears and do an activity outside their comfort zone or they can find their voice and say, “No. I don’t want to do that.” Other activities are simply for enjoyment and taking a break between classes.

Teaching Time

We have two very experienced and caring counselors who guide the class time activities. Susan Hixson presents the evening classes and Karen McDonald is in charge of the morning material. We look at the past, present and future of our lives and learn healthy ways of handling emotions, problems, and relationship issues. By dissecting the messages (good and bad) that we have internalized from family, society and our abusers, we begin to weed out wrong messages and keep the healthy ones.

We have a beautiful campus with many private spots for sitting in a rocker on the porch, by the creek or pond, or in the woods. There is no shortage of places to be alone to process the class material. Counselors are also available to speak with you one on one during personal time , if needed.

Please consider donating to our scholarship fund. Your generosity will help bring hope and healing to abuse victims though retreats, individual and group counseling. It is only through the support of people like you that we can provide the care our clients need and deserve.

Thank you,
Dr. Karen

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