Atlanta Sexual Abuse Counseling and Recovery

Does counseling really help survivors in their recovery from sexual abuse and domestic violence? Yes, it does. However, sexual abuse is a highly complex issue with many ramifications, and counseling requires highly specialized skills and insight to optimize recovery. According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian counseling is effective 96 percent of the time, while secular counseling is far less satisfactory. Our creator knows us and knows what it takes to resolve issues in our lives. At CCCM, Inc., and Racheal’s Rest, we believe that when we stick to biblical principles and hold fast to God’s word, we will find the wisdom we seek.

Survivors of sexual abuse are effected in a myriad of ways that can have a dramatic affect on their lives and their relationships. In order for therapy to be effective, survivors must first be honest with themselves and ready to make a change in themselves and their lives. Many survivors of sexual abuse and other acts of violence feel shame and suffer from low self-esteem. They stay stuck in their situations because they start believing that they are not worthy and are somehow at fault for their abuse.

Christian Counseling for Adults and Children in Georgia

Dr. Karen McDonald provides professional, clinical counseling from a Christian perspective. As a survivor of severe abuse who personally had to do the work of recovery, Dr. McDonald is uniquely qualified to offer techniques of healing to others. Her style is low-key and compassionate. In a world that is quick to judge, she offers understanding and practical recovery techniques including psychoanalysis, behavior modification and cognitive behavioral therapy. With children, she uses art and play therapy. The goal of therapy is to help counselees process old hurts and buried feelings so that they can regain a sense of balance in their lives and find inner peace.

If you have been the victim of sexual abuse, contact our Atlanta Sexual Abuse Counseling and Recovery Experts today to begin your journey to emotional health. If you would like to make a donation to help women and children find hope and healing, please give us a call today.

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