Atlanta Abusive Families Treatment

Growing up in an abusive family can leave lasting scars on the survivors of domestic abuse. So what does an abusive family look like? An abusive family promotes denial and secrecy. Members of the family may have repressed or explosive emotions, or both. In an abusive family, children are not taught effective living skills. They are abandoned physically and do not learn to touch, trust or feel. Children in abusive families may have rigid, inappropriate roles. They may be forced to function as the caretaker of younger kids or even of their parents. In an abusive family, all emotional energy is focused toward the needy family member, often the abuser. In many abusive families, children are punished if they tell anyone about the abuse or try to reach out for help.

Counseling Victims of Domestic Violence Atlanta, Georgia

Both domestic violence and sexual abuse are highly complex issues with many ramifications, and counseling requires highly specialized skills and insight to optimize recovery. Dr. Karen McDonald of CCCM, Inc., and Racheal’s Rest offers individual and group counseling as well as five-day restorative retreats to help victims of domestic violence process their pain and feelings, regain their balance in life and find inner peace. As a survivor of severe abuse who personally had to do the work of recovery, Dr. McDonald is uniquely qualified to offer techniques of healing to others. Her style is low-key and compassionate. In a world that is quick to judge, she offers understanding and practical recovery techniques.

Dr. McDonald provides professional, clinical counseling from a Christian perspective. At CCCM, Inc., and Racheal’s Rest, we believe that real freedom can only be found through Christ who sets us free and that by sticking to biblical principles and holding fast to God’s word, we will find the wisdom we seek. If you have been the victim of domestic violence, contact our Atlanta Abusive Families Treatment Experts today to get more information about Racheal’s Rest retreats and to begin your journey to emotional health.